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VB Alimentos

VB Alimentos has been operating in the national animal nutrition market since 2002 beginning the Pet Food product line in 2003, and this history began in the 1980s with it is founding partner Vicente Muniz de Carvalho in the animal production business, developing a vertical integration in the animal nutrition industry. With an entrepreneurial spirit and always focused on new technologies and innovations, VB Alimentos has consolidated itself among the main players in the Brazilian pet food market.

Today VB Alimentos has more than 500 direct professionals and operates nationwide, in addition to the markets of Latin America and the Middle East. The permanent search for excellence, environmental responsibility and transparency in relations are part of the DNA of the entire team, people who are responsible for the continuous search for the success and growth of the VB Group.

Our Values

We believe it is possible to act virtuously, creating and respecting values to consolidate truly healthy relationships.

Relationship and empathy

Quality and efficiency

Innovative team

Customer relationship

Social responsability

Ethics and integrity

Where Are We

  • Industry:

    Located in Jaciara - Mato Grosso.

    Availability of raw materials and favorable logistics.

  • Reseller Network:

    Present in all states of Brazil.

    More than 150 representatives and distributors.

VB Alimentos
Comércio Exterior

Foreign Trade

Foreign trade and international sales team.

Products exported to many distributors in different countries.

Our Numbers

+0 active customers in Brazil and worldwide
+0 sqm of industrial area
+0 employees
+0 sales representatives